There is no doubt that couples planning to get married in both 2020 and 2021 will most likely have had to modify their plans for the day — in the worst cases, many have had to reschedule, postpone or even cancel.

However, it is everyone’s hope that 2022 is a better, happier time, and that those who plan to get married are able to make their arrangements with greater confidence. And although Covid-19 has undoubtedly affected how people celebrate their weddings in terms of wedding venues, the numbers of guests and the dining arrangements, for instance, we can all hopefully look forward to a return to unrestricted weddings soon in 2022.

As we are optimistic here at Premium Wedding Booth Hire, we thought it would be helpful to do a survey of Australia’s leading wedding websites and publications and look at their predictions for what trends in wedding parties we can expect to see in 2022.

Popular wedding colour palettes for 2022

A couple of trends are expected to emerge in 2022 when it comes to colour schemes for weddings and receptions. Vogue has noted two different approaches to colour that they think will be popular. Firstly, it predicts that soft pastel shades will be in, especially for bridal wear and flowers, while it is also thought that bold, contrasting colours will be popular as a means of adding vibrancy.

Saffron Weddings takes a similar view on the colour palettes that will emerge in 2022, and predicts bright and bold colours for the bridal party will be a popular trend. Modern Wedding also picks up on this, and thinks that a vibrant arrays of colours will be one of the key wedding trends of 2022. 

As part of our wedding photo booth hire packages, we offer a wide array of stylish, colourful  backdrops that you can choose to match and complement the theme of your wedding. This means that if you go down the bold and vibrant colour palette route, for instance, you can choose strip designs, backdrops and other features of your photobooth hire to match.

This will go a long way to creating a unified style throughout, and to which everyone who attends and has their photo taken in the booth will be playing a part.

Why an event photo booth is ideal for the informal photography trend

Keen observers of the trends that we can expect to see in wedding venues in 2022 have also looked at the type of photography they think will become popular.

Easy Weddings has some clear ideas on this, with the first trend they predict being what they call candid photography. This is best described as an increased focus on more informal photos throughout the reception featuring family and friends enjoying themselves in their own unique ways, rather than an emphasis on more staged, formal shots featuring only the wedding party (although most couples will still want some of these as well).

This is partly because as travel restrictions across Australia are lifted, it may be the case that a wedding is the first time family and friends will have seen other for a long time, and so the goal of candid photography is all about capturing the emotions of people being able to get together once more after an extended period of part.

A photo booth is an ideal way in which you can capture these sorts of joyful reunions. Our photo both rental is designed to offer a fun and informal experience for all, and means your guests can snap themselves together and express themselves however they want to. There is no better way of celebrating not only a marriage, but also that families are back together again as well. 

Another photography trend we might expect to see at weddings is what is being called the Hollywood Flash — glamorous shots with a nighttime vibe. Your event photo booth can be set up to create this look not only in your snaps, but also through the use of a luxurious coloured backdrop, a VIP velvet rope and a classic red carpet that wonderfully recreates the full-on celeb experience for all.

More Adelaide wedding photo trends for 2022

A couple of other interesting trends that fashionistas think we’ll see in 2022 have been identified by Modern Wedding.

These include a growing emphasis on outdoor wedding parties, at wineries, in gardens or at the beach. They also anticipate that wedding favours will become simpler and more personalised.

Adelaide photo booth hire can ensure that you are up to date with what’s hot in wedding planning, as our photo booths can be set up and operate at outdoor wedding venues, while a photostrip is the perfect personalised wedding favour for your guests to take away as a keepsake, and which they can cherish and remember the day forever.

Contact Premium Photo Booth Hire to book your wedding photo booth

We can create a wedding photobooth hire package to suit any style or theme, and we are happy to deliver, set up and collect your booth rental at wedding venues across Adelaide.

Call us today on 1300 153 810 and one of our bookings team will be delighted to help you plan your special day.

One of the most popular features of our Adelaide photo booth hire packages is the green screen. This high-end technology creates unique backgrounds for your photos, and adds a whole new dimension to the photo booth experience.

Imagine being able to have your photo taken at any location anywhere in the world — green screen makes this possible.

How does a green screen work?

Essentially, what is generally known as green screen (or is sometimes called chroma key) is a visual effect where you replace a physical green background with a digital image of your choosing.

In our photo booths, your snaps are taken in front of a plain green background. After the photo has been processed, the technology removes the green background and replaces it with a transparent one. 

You can then choose a digital image from our huge selection to replace the transparent background, so that it appears that the subject of the photo is now positioned in front of this new background image.  

The reason a green background is used is because it doesn’t match any natural skin colour or hair colour, and so it is easier to ‘cut out’ the people with clear, sharp edges, and without any part of them being erased or lost in any way. (Blue screens are used in some applications, but our photo booths all use green backgrounds.)

A key element to getting the best possible green screen results is high quality lighting, which is why all of our photos booths have pro lighting set ups, to ensure that we make the most of the technology’s potential.

Most Hollywood and cinematic productions will use chroma key or green screen in one form or another, but it’s not only blockbuster movies — it is also commonly used in TV shows, news bulletins and a variety of other applications largely because it is relatively straightforward to set up and implement, and provides such impressive results.

In fact, as the technology has become more widespread, accessible and user-friendly, you will increasingly find YouTubers using green screen to add more interesting backgrounds to their productions.

What does a green screen do in a photo booth?

We offer green screen as part of our photo booth hire Adelaide packages because it means you and your guests can choose from a huge range of different backgrounds for your photo strips. This lets you be transported to virtually anywhere in the world, and choosing a location and setting for your snaps is entertaining for people of all ages.

We have found that one of the many reasons why people enjoy having a green screen in a wedding photo booth or at other types of events is that it creates a more personalised, inclusive and immersive experience. Being able to choose your own background from literally anywhere in the world gives you great freedom, and makes the photos from your event even more unique and treasured.

Imagine being photographed at Niagara Falls, on the Champs-Élysées, in Wembley Stadium or at the South Pole — all of this and much, much more is possible when your photo booth rental comes with a green screen. You can also choose to be in action packed scenarios, such as being attacked by shark or lost at sea on a raft — the possibilities are endless!

A green screen is also very simple and straightforward to operate and virtually anyone can use it — simply take your photo and then use the HD touch screen in the booth to choose the background you want. One click and it’s done, and your photos with a stunning new background will be printed instantly. 

Contact Premium Photo Booth Hire to book your green screen photo booth rental

We can create a photobooth hire package featuring green screen for any sort of event or occasion, including:

If you would like to find out more about green screen technology, or book an Adelaide photo booth for your next event, call us today on 1300 153 810 and our team will be more than happy to help.

At Premium Photo Booth Hire, we meet a diverse range of clients who are looking for photo booth rental for an equally diverse range of events, from school formals, to business conferences, to balls, galas and fundraising events.

However, our most popular Adelaide photo booth hire packages continue to be for weddings.

We have worked together with many couples who are getting married, and so we think we have a pretty good idea as to why so many of them look forward to having an event photo booth at their reception.

It will of course be different for everyone, but here is some of the most common reasons why couples have told us that they want to have photo booths as part of the entertainment at their wedding venues.

Why photo booth hire is so popular for weddings

Everyone can join in with a wedding photobooth

One of the best things about a wedding photo booth is seeing the way it gets people excited and encourages everyone to join in. Kids love it, friends love it, grandparents love it, and there is nothing better than seeing everyone wanting to take an active part in the celebrations. Inclusivity is the key word, and many couples have thanked us for the fact that their photo booth has been a feature that their guests of all ages could engage with.

Memories your guests can keep

Weddings and receptions can go by in such a whirl, it can sometimes seem as though the day is over before you know it and without you really having the chance to drink it all in. With an event photo booth, however, your friends, family and guests will all have beautifully shot, fun photos that they can take home with them as a cherished memento — and which will let you relive the event at a more leisurely pace!

A wedding photographer can’t capture everybody

Despite the best of intentions, a wedding photographer will be unlikely to capture every single person who is at your reception, and so some people are bound to get left out. This might not only offend your hyper-sensitive great aunt, but it also means you don’t get to have a truly comprehensive record of your special day. 

Photo booth hire, however, gives everyone a chance to get in on the action, and as our photo strips are automatically split into two, both you and your guests each receive a copy as a keepsake. It also means you can see and appreciate how much fun everyone had on the day, even if you don’t get to spend as much time with every single person who attends as you would like.

Customise the look and feel of your photos

A wedding photobooth hire package offers you a variety of customisation options so that your photos look just how you want them to. From personalising your photo strip, to choosing your own backdrop colour scheme, to using a green screen to transport your guests to desirable locations anywhere in the world, you can create a complete, personalised experience that both you and everyone who attends will always remember. 

Everyone can have fun with props

When you rent a photo booth from Premium Photo Booth Hire, we will supply a range of stylish and sophisticated props that are fun for everyone to play around with. Our props are designed to be inclusive and suitable for people of all ages, and they help to bring another level of engagement and entertainment to your event.

Book your Adelaide wedding photo booth hire

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