Party Photo Booth Hire

It’s not your birthday, so this photo booth is for business.

Creative Frames takes all the fuss out of getting creative and gives you a helping hand with our part photo booths. You provide the white backdrop and props, we’ll set up and then take care of prints or digital copies, green screens or memory sticks depending on what service you need – it’s all just so easy!

Party photos are how you add personal touch to any space. With different options, you can customise your message for the occasion. Choose from a traditional open air booth or get creative with an inflatable balloon photo-booth enclosure or backdrop.

Part Photos are a great way to leave your mark on everything you touch during company events and celebrations! Send out happy birthday messages through our beautiful gallery of birthday cake backdrops that have in it, Elsa’s ice castle, the Great Barrier Reef, Dancing animals and much more !!!

It’s time to go have your photos taken at a party photo booth. Say cheese and make some memories at your next event, just not with that guy in the corner that was emceeing all night. Lucky for you, we rent out these professional quality boudoir setups to focus on you and provide you with something beautiful to share on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook when this whole shindig is over!