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What is green screen and how does it work in a photo booth?

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One of the most popular features of our Adelaide photo booth hire packages is the green screen. This high-end technology creates unique backgrounds for your photos, and adds a whole new dimension to the photo booth experience.

Imagine being able to have your photo taken at any location anywhere in the world — green screen makes this possible.

How does a green screen work?

Essentially, what is generally known as green screen (or is sometimes called chroma key) is a visual effect where you replace a physical green background with a digital image of your choosing.

In our photo booths, your snaps are taken in front of a plain green background. After the photo has been processed, the technology removes the green background and replaces it with a transparent one. 

You can then choose a digital image from our huge selection to replace the transparent background, so that it appears that the subject of the photo is now positioned in front of this new background image.  

The reason a green background is used is because it doesn’t match any natural skin colour or hair colour, and so it is easier to ‘cut out’ the people with clear, sharp edges, and without any part of them being erased or lost in any way. (Blue screens are used in some applications, but our photo booths all use green backgrounds.)

A key element to getting the best possible green screen results is high quality lighting, which is why all of our photos booths have pro lighting set ups, to ensure that we make the most of the technology’s potential.

Most Hollywood and cinematic productions will use chroma key or green screen in one form or another, but it’s not only blockbuster movies — it is also commonly used in TV shows, news bulletins and a variety of other applications largely because it is relatively straightforward to set up and implement, and provides such impressive results.

In fact, as the technology has become more widespread, accessible and user-friendly, you will increasingly find YouTubers using green screen to add more interesting backgrounds to their productions.

What does a green screen do in a photo booth?

We offer green screen as part of our photo booth hire Adelaide packages because it means you and your guests can choose from a huge range of different backgrounds for your photo strips. This lets you be transported to virtually anywhere in the world, and choosing a location and setting for your snaps is entertaining for people of all ages.

We have found that one of the many reasons why people enjoy having a green screen in a wedding photo booth or at other types of events is that it creates a more personalised, inclusive and immersive experience. Being able to choose your own background from literally anywhere in the world gives you great freedom, and makes the photos from your event even more unique and treasured.

Imagine being photographed at Niagara Falls, on the Champs-Élysées, in Wembley Stadium or at the South Pole — all of this and much, much more is possible when your photo booth rental comes with a green screen. You can also choose to be in action packed scenarios, such as being attacked by shark or lost at sea on a raft — the possibilities are endless!

A green screen is also very simple and straightforward to operate and virtually anyone can use it — simply take your photo and then use the HD touch screen in the booth to choose the background you want. One click and it’s done, and your photos with a stunning new background will be printed instantly. 

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We can create a photobooth hire package featuring green screen for any sort of event or occasion, including:

  • Weddings and engagement parties
  • Birthday and anniversary parties
  • Business conferences
  • Staff parties and events
  • Balls, galas and fundraising events
  • School formals and graduations

If you would like to find out more about green screen technology, or book an Adelaide photo booth for your next event, call us today on 1300 153 810 and our team will be more than happy to help.

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